Garage Door Curb Appeal Ideas For Your Home

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Your garage will likely cover your front exterior if you live in a crowded area or community. Although many home designers and realtors are familiar with curb appeal, the concept of garage door curb appeal is still new to them. Your garage door occupies so much space on your street side, so increasing curb appeal… Read more »

Is my garage door repair covered by insurance?

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All of life, we are reminded to have insurance in case of emergency. There are many policies and coverage options available to ensure that we feel safe in every aspect of our lives, including cars, homes and health. What happens if your garage door is damaged? You want the best coverage possible for repair costs,… Read more »

Garage Door Safety Tips: For Homeowners

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Garage doors are not the first thing we think about when thinking of dangers around our house. These systems, especially older ones, can pose serious danger if they aren’t handled properly. Clear the Way for Doors in Motion Most people have experienced the following scenario: You back your car from your garage, and then you… Read more »

How important is it to improve my garage door?

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Potential home buyers are more interested in garages than finished basements and attics when looking for a home. A garage will generally be more valuable than other similar homes. Your garage door can be updated to increase the safety and value of your home. Garage doors should last for many decades. However, garage doors can… Read more »

Checklist for Garage Spring Cleaning

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Are there unsightly stains on your garage floor? Are you having trouble finding your tools or parking your car in your garage? The mild spring weather and cool breezes make spring a great season to clean out your garage and do some deep cleaning. It can seem daunting to clean out your garage, especially if… Read more »

Garage vs. Carport: Which is best for you?

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You may be wondering if a garage or a carport would work better for you if you own a few cars. It all depends on your lifestyle, location, and budget. Carports are outdoor structures that house your vehicle and provide protection from the weather. Carports are usually smaller and more cost-effective than garages. They also… Read more »

Repair vs. Replace Your Garage Door

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You might be considering whether to repair or replace your garage door if it has been damaged in the past. There is a time and place for all things, even repairs or replacements. To help you decide whether to repair it or get a new one, there are many factors to take into consideration. This… Read more »