Snapped garage door cable? This will likely result in a trip to the hardware shop and a large repair bill. You’ll also be dealing with headaches if you have to order a cable that isn’t in stock. We are available to assist you.

What do Garage Door Cables Do?

The garage is home to more than meets the eye. Garage door cables balance the garage door when it is opened and closed. The cable runs through the pulley on the top of your garage door. The cable’s other end connects to the spring at an angle. It pulls up against the door when it is released. As the garage door opens fully, the spring takes control and releases tension.

What Can A Garage Door Cable Snap For?

The cables that support the garage door’s hundreds of pounds of weight can wear down over time. A badly adjusted garage door cable could snap or even break completely. A pulley that is worn, thermal stress, fluctuation, corrosion, and other causes can also be a reason.

Your garage door cable is made of steel but it can also be elastic. It is flexible and can stretch over time, but it won’t easily break. Snapping is unlikely if you take care of your cables. It can still happen, even if you aren’t keeping up with inspections or running the cables slightly longer than your garage door.

What are the Signs of a snapped garage door cable?

A snapped garage door cable can be identified by the following signs:

  • The door gets stuck in one position
  • The garage door moving up and down makes loud noises
  • Uneven door movement during opening or closing

Call a professional Pretoria garage door company immediately if you suspect that your garage door cable is frayed. Broken cables can cause injury or death and you should not use your garage door.

Can I open my garage door with a broken cable?

It is possible to open your garage door if the cables break, but it is not recommended. If you have to open your garage door for an emergency, follow these steps:

  • Use the emergency release cord to disconnect your garage door opener
  • To manually open the door, use the handle at its bottom
  • Use a clamp or vice grip to hold the door in place.

Attention! Your garage door is very heavy and can be damaged or injured by negligent handling. You and others nearby can be seriously injured if the cable breaks. It is better to be safe than sorry. Call a professional Pretoria garage door company immediately.

Garage doors are used more frequently than front doors by homeowners. On average, homeowners open their doors over 1,500 times a year. Garage doors are often neglected by homeowners who don’t have them inspected or maintained on a regular basis. Professionals should only inspect the door if the hardware or parts stop working. You can expect to experience future problems like getting trapped in your garage or being stranded outside. These problems can cause costly repairs.

Garage door maintenance is easy. Most garage door service professionals recommend that you perform regular maintenance at least once a year. Garage door specialists and homeowners can do the following:

  • Life Expectancy: Garage doors are not expected to last forever. Your garage door can last between 15 and 30 years if you take care of it. This depends on your door type and how often it is used.
  • Safety: By correctly maintaining your garage door, you can avoid malfunctions or breakages that could cause injury to someone or property damage.
  • Price: Did you know preventive maintenance can be cheaper than expensive repairs? 

What to expect during professional garage door maintenance

Many people expect their garage doors to lift and lower safely and reliably as they need. However, if you don’t maintain your garage door regularly, you could find yourself in a situation where your garage door is not working properly. This could lead to costly repairs and delays. Garage doors have many moving parts and various pieces of hardware. They will wear over time due to regular use and strain.

Our annual tune-ups and repairs are done by a certified and licensed garage door specialist. This expert has extensive experience in inspecting all moving parts and identifying potential problems. Our garage door technician will perform these tasks during our maintenance:

  • Visual Inspection: The technician will inspect and lubricate every moving part, including springs, rollers and hinges.
  • Removal of Debris: We’ll clean out any dirt, grit, or other debris from tracks and photo eye sensors to ensure functionality.
  • We also inspect critical components . These parts can have a significant impact on the quality of your garage door.
  • Check for Corrosion Another important detail to consider is inspecting every component for signs or corrosion that could cause damage or improper operation.
  • Perform Safety Tasks It is essential to ensure that your garage door safety measures work properly in order for you to be safe every day. We will inspect your keyless door and other electrical components and perform a UL325 safety test.

Once your garage door inspection has been completed, the technician will give you a detailed report outlining all activities and making any upgrade or repair recommendations. Our goal is to provide garage door maintenance and repairs that are affordable and safe to ensure proper operation for many years.

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Preventive Garage Door Homeowner Tasks

To ensure that your garage door functions properly and is of high quality, homeowners should take note of the normal operation of your garage door and be aware if it makes unusual noises or behaviour. These steps should be completed in addition to the annual maintenance checks by our trusted professionals.

  • Get rid of debris buildup: Your garage may be infested with garbage and other dirt and debris. You can remove any buildup you see that is affecting garage door operation.
  • Check Parts and Hardware. Garage doors can wear out over time due to normal use. To prevent rust buildup, replace or tighten any missing or damaged parts. Keep springs and chains well-lubricated.
  • Unusual sounds: While your garage door should always operate normally, you should be aware of unusual sounds that your opener or garage door makes when it opens and closes.

Common Garage Door Noises To Know

You may be able to ignore odd garage door sounds if they are not predictable or reliable. You may hear a louder garage door or opener sound, which could indicate that your door needs to be repaired or maintained by professionals.

  • Grinding This sound could indicate worn rollers or poor lubrication for moving parts.
  • Squealing or Banging: This is often caused by damaged panels or a door that is not in balance.
  • Clinking or ticking: These lighter sounds can affect different parts. Either the bearings or pulleys are worn, or rust has caused coils or bearings to rub together.
  • Straining If you hear a straining sound during operations, it could be a problem with your garage door opener motor. Or the machine may not have the horsepower necessary to lift or lower the door.
  • Rattling While this sound can be alarming, it is often a sign of a loose chain or support rails. 

Call Pretoria Garage Doors for your annual maintenance.

Your garage will likely cover your front exterior if you live in a crowded area or community. Although many home designers and realtors are familiar with curb appeal, the concept of garage door curb appeal is still new to them. Your garage door occupies so much space on your street side, so increasing curb appeal to your front yard will help you attract more attention to your property.

Find out more about our services and curb appeal ideas for your garage.

You can match your style with contour features

The style of your home is an important consideration. Are you looking for a traditional and outdated facade? Do you live in a more modern area? What do you see in your neighbourhood? Are there many bricks, wood or stonework?

These features can be complemented and enhanced to make sure your garage doesn’t stand out too much in your neighbourhood. This will make your home look more balanced and attractive to neighbours.

You can accentuate your style by using horizontal patterns and vertical lines when you choose the materials for your garage doors. Your garage door design should not be copied, but should instead coordinate with it.

Use Careful Colours to Highlight and Contrast

A neutral, minimalistic colour will soften the curb appeal of your garage’s front. While you can choose steel or wood to create an effect in your front yard, it is best to pick a neutral and minimalistic colour that will complement the exterior of your home. Bold colours are attractive in small amounts, while neutral colours highlight your front door.

Accessory Ideas to Decorate Your Garage Door

You can add many additional features to your garage door design.

Greenery can make your neighbourhood feel safe and welcoming, regardless of whether it is surrounded by trees or shrubs. The addition of steel or ironwork, such as trims or gates, can help to focus the attention on details and match roof designs or fenced areas. Stonework can be used to complement your garage door. This could be the front of your house, the path leading to your garage, or any additions.

Lights for Safety and Functionality

Your garage’s curb appeal will be enhanced by lighting. Spotlights that illuminate the greenery around your garage door can create beautiful shadows. A warm glow can be created by placing lamps on either side of your door.

Contact us for your garage door repairs and maintenance in Pretoria.

All of life, we are reminded to have insurance in case of emergency. There are many policies and coverage options available to ensure that we feel safe in every aspect of our lives, including cars, homes and health.

What happens if your garage door is damaged? You want the best coverage possible for repair costs, regardless of whether it is from your car or a neighbour’s. Garage door insurance is not available. Most homeowners ask the question, “Does homeowner’s insurance cover garage doors?”

The simple answer is yes and no. There are many factors that affect the classification of the damage and what your homeowner’s policy covers. Let’s now look at some insurance scenarios for garage doors.

1. You ran into your closed garage door

You can’t believe it’s happening. It’s possible you could have sworn that you pulled the remote to open your Garage Door. You glance back for a second and your front bumper is pressed into your garage door panel. The dent in your garage door panel is clearly visible, even though you know that there has been minor damage to your vehicle. What should you do?

Your auto insurance won’t cover door damage as you are responsible. You will find coverage if your homeowners’ policy covers the damage. Your garage is an integral part of your home. As such, you are covered as long as the damage was caused by you or a family member.

2. You get a neighbour’s car in your garage

Check the details of your auto insurance policy to see if a neighbour or friend has had a collision with your garage door. You are responsible for any property damage they cause. This means that your repairs will be covered by them, provided the cost of repair is within their policy.

3. Graffiti painted on your Garage Door

Vandalism, theft and burglary are all considered “malicious mischief”, and can often be covered by your homeowners’ insurance. Take photos of the crime and contact your agent. Some people will request a police report be filed. Make sure you reach out to the right officials.

4. Garage Door Damaged by Severe Weather

This is where homeowners insurance coverage can get tricky. Make sure to read the fine print and understand all terms in your policy. Some, but not all weather elements are covered by a claim. Although hail and wind are usually cleared, flooding repair is an out-of-pocket expense.

Be smart and weigh the costs

You should review all your insurance options and policies in the event that your garage door is damaged. It may be worth fixing the garage door yourself if your accident is not too serious. Insurance companies often require that you pay your deductible and any excess amounts — which can quickly add up to thousands of rands.

Request an estimate when it is time to replace broken springs or damaged tracks or panels on your garage door. Our experts in Pretoria will quickly restore the beauty and functionality of your garage door.

Garage doors are not the first thing we think about when thinking of dangers around our house. These systems, especially older ones, can pose serious danger if they aren’t handled properly.

Clear the Way for Doors in Motion

Most people have experienced the following scenario: You back your car from your garage, and then you realize that something was missing. You pull the car over and then run into the house to get what you need. You press the garage door switch while you are returning to your car.

Although many people do this every day without injury, we strongly discourage it for the following reasons.

  • A single mistake is enough. There’s always the chance that you might slip on something slippery or trip on your shoelace as you race to get out of there before it closes. Even though you may make it safely 19 out of 20 times, one trip could lead to disaster.
  • Your kids might copy you. This will be a bad example to your children and could lead them to follow your lead. Children may be impressed by you escaping the garage door quickly and confidently. They might then attempt it themselves and injure their parents.

It is best to stay out of a garage door that is opening. This may seem safer than it is, but there are many safety features, such as the safety motion sensors that can get confused if you cross the threshold. The door will stop automatically when it detects you. However, there are some safety features that could cause more serious problems. You could get seriously injured if it starts to descend again.

Ensure that you watch the door carefully as it opens and closes. This will allow you to ensure your garage door is properly functioning and doesn’t get stuck.

Perform Proper Maintenance

Garage door malfunctions can sometimes lead to injuries. You can minimize the risk of injury by performing the following maintenance tasks regularly:

  • Pay attention to your door To avoid a malfunctioning garage door, the best thing to do is to inspect it every time it opens and closes. You should pay attention to how smoothly the door opens and closes. Also, pay attention to any unusual noises. Does the door make a grinding or scraping sound? Are the springs, cables, and pulleys symmetrical?
  • Tighten all parts. Garage doors are opened and closed an average of over 1000 times per year. Some components can become loose from vibration and movement. You can inspect the bolts and brackets closely and tighten them with a socket wrench if necessary.
  • Check the garage door’s balance. Garage door openers that are not properly balanced will work harder and have a shorter life expectancy. First, pull the opener’s release handle to check the balance. Next, lift the door about halfway with your hands. If the door begins to move on its own, it is likely that the counterweight system has not been properly balanced. Do not attempt to balance your door by yourself. This involves changing the springs which can lead to serious injury. This can be a dangerous job that should only be left to professionals.
  • Check and replace your rollers. No matter if your rollers are made of nylon or steel, they should be inspected twice a year and replaced approximately once every seven years. You will need to replace your garage doors sooner if you use them frequently. Replace your rollers as soon as possible if they are chipped, cracked or worn. You can do this by removing and reinstalling any brackets that are not connected to the cable system.
  • Replace weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is the rubber seal at the bottom garage door. It should be replaced immediately if it becomes cracked or brittle. This will prevent the elements from getting into your home. Weatherstripping can be purchased at hardware and home improvement stores by the foot. Simply cut the material to the desired size and place it in the grooves. The flange should be positioned on the inside.
  • Lubricate all moving parts It will increase the lifespan of your garage door by spending just 10 minutes a year cleaning it. Spray lubricant can be used to coat overhead springs. White lithium grease can be used to lubricate the opener’s chain and screw.
  • Check your cables. To check for damage or broken strands near the roller bracket at the bottom of your cables, take a closer look. Hire a professional if they are. These cables are extremely tense and can cause serious injury or even death if not handled with care.
  • Keep tracks clean Keep debris off the tracks at the door’s edges. You can grab a level if you wish to verify that the tracks are straight. You will need to hire a professional to correct the problem.
  • Make sure to check the door. The garage door will need to be maintained. Wooden doors must be checked for water damage, warp, and peeling paint. Steel doors may have rusty spots that you will need to sand and prime, then paint. A mild, all-purpose cleaner can be used to clean your door. You can wash your garage door at the same time as you wash your car to save time. It is important to maintain your garage door clean, as it makes up about a third of your exterior.

Not to be attempted if you are uncomfortable with the repairs Hire a certified technician instead.

Garage doors

Safety Features

Three standard safety features are included in modern garage doors. They need to be inspected regularly.

  1. Automated Reversal System
    For the past 28 years, this feature has been required by federal law. Garage doors will immediately stop if they detect obstructions in their path and reverse their direction.
    It is important to make sure this feature works properly, as springs and openers can corrode. Place a brick or a piece of wood on the garage floor, in the direction that the door is opening. The door should instantly reserve its direction when it descends to the object. These safety features may not be available on older garage openers. If you have an older door, it is worth replacing.
  2.  Infrared Motion Detector
    The detector is approximately six inches above the garage floor and can be found at the bottom left or right. It will stop or reverse its direction if it detects any object in its path. This could be anything, from a garden tool to an item like a bicycle wheel. Close your door, and place your leg in front of the door to test the mechanism.
  3. Emergency Manual Release
    The emergency manual release is a red handle that hangs from a rope. It is used in case the garage door fails to work or someone is trapped. The release will pull the opener off the garage door. This is the most important safety feature for garage doors. Make sure you pull it often to ensure it works.

Practice Garage Door Opener Safety

It’s not only convenient but also very satisfying to move a large garage door up or down by pressing a button.
Imagine how much joy a child can have when they experience the same pleasure as an adult. Many parents will give the remote to their children so that they can feel this thrill. However, it’s not a good idea to give your children control of the remote, even if you supervise them. Children love to press the remote button when their parents are present. This makes them tempted to play with it even when their parents are not there. This is something that you should avoid.

Let’s say your children are playing hide-and-seek with their friends, and one of them realizes that they can gain an edge by opening the garage door. They may have intended to open the garage door in order to find out if there is anyone hiding, but accidentally pressing the button twice could cause the garage door not to close. This unintentional action could confuse them and cause them to drop the remote. Unintentionally, a younger child could be hurt if it is closed and they are not aware of it.
Even though this is the worst-case scenario you can do, it’s a good idea to keep your remote safe so that kids don’t have access to it.

Hire a professional for installation and repair

While experienced DIYers might feel confident handling certain aspects of garage door installation and repair, it is best to have both these complex tasks handled by professionals. These are the reasons.

    • Experience Many homeowners feel confident that they can repair and install garage doors. DIY videos make this seem so simple. This is often because the professional in the video is an expert. Garage door repair and installation can be difficult for people with little experience. Installation and repair professionals have extensive experience in this field and the skills to complete the job quickly and correctly.
    • The Right Parts: When you hire a professional to install or fix your garage door, you can be sure that it will have all the necessary components. Professionals will ensure that your opener is installed in a way that suits the size and weight of your door. This will increase the lifespan of your opener. Professional installers have the right tools to do the job correctly and efficiently.
    • The Right Order: Garage doors must be installed and repaired in a specific order to function properly. These steps include correct alignment of the photo eyes, proper wiring, correctly securing your door opener, and properly installing the springs, pulleys, and cables. Also, the door must be properly balanced. These complicated steps should be done in the correct order.
    • Safety: Repairing and installing garage doors can pose a risk, especially when using springs. Garage doors can be dangerous. If you are not experienced, garage doors can be heavy and difficult to use. Installing garage doors requires you to be familiar with electricity and how identify properly grounded outlets. To ensure that all safety precautions are in place, a professional installer will test the door after it is installed.
    • Warranty: Most garage doors come with a warranty. Most warranties are voided if the homeowner tries to install or repair garage doors themselves. You’ll spend hours trying to fix or install the doors yourself, and you won’t be happy with the end result. It’s better to trust professionals who offer a guarantee and warranty on their work.

Be aware of tension springs

The most important of all the safety tips for garage doors we have shared is the following: Never attempt to remove, adjust, or repair springs or any other part to which door-spring components are attached, including steel brackets and wood blocks or cables. A professional should perform repairs or adjustments to high-tension springs.

Potential home buyers are more interested in garages than finished basements and attics when looking for a home. A garage will generally be more valuable than other similar homes. Your garage door can be updated to increase the safety and value of your home.

Garage doors should last for many decades. However, garage doors can be replaced at any time.

  • Increase the resale value of your home
  • Maintenance can be reduced
  • Energy savings

Secure your home with these tips

What are the signs that I need a new garage door?

Garage doors should last for many decades before they need to be replaced. To ensure that your garage door is in good condition, inspect it at least once per year. To determine if your garage door needs to be replaced or repaired, make sure you check these factors.

    • Garage door opening and closing speed: You know your garage door has a problem if it takes too long to open or close. To increase the opening and closing speeds of your manual garage door, an automatic opener should be installed.
    • Noise level A garage door that is old will make creaky and scratchy sounds as it rolls along its tracks. Garage doors that have been updated are expected to operate smoothly and quietly. Garage doors that make loud or unusually loud sounds should be replaced.
    • Security and safety: Protect your valuable possessions with a new garage door. To make your home more secure, upgrade your garage door if you have concerns about your car or other valuables being stolen. To protect your family, pets, and neighbours from harm, you will also want a door that has safety features. An automated reverse system will be installed on a garage door to stop it from being opened by an animal, person or object.
    • Appearance: Inspect your garage for sagging, peeling or dents. Garage doors are one of the most prominent parts of your home. You should ensure that they’re in good condition and retain their curb appeal. You should replace your garage door if you see any signs of irreparable rot and stains.
    • Technology: Modern Garage Doors have the technology to make your home secure, safe, and insulated. You should replace your garage door if you have to manually open it or if you are missing safety features.
    • Functionality Your garage door’s functionality will be lost due to poor maintenance, weather damage and overuse. If your garage door isn’t opening and closing properly, replace it.
    • Energy efficiency Your garage door should insulate your garage to maintain a comfortable temperature. Your garage door could be responsible for your rising energy bills. Modern garage doors are made of energy-efficient materials and have insulation to lower monthly energy bills.

Increase the home’s resale value

  1. Return on Investment
    Your home’s resale values can be increased by replacing your garage door. Study after study shows that investing into a garage door will yield the greatest return than any other home renovation or improvement project, even adding a master bedroom.
  2. Your garage door will attract potential home buyers. Potential home buyers will love the new look of your house and the extra safety and storage that your garage offers. You will get thousands of dollars back if you spend a few thousand dollars on your garage door.
  3. Curb Appeal
    A garage door can also enhance your home’s curb appeal. A garage door that matches the style of your home will give your home a cohesive look. Garage doors can be any colour, material, or design you want.

    These tips will help you to update your garage and improve your home’s curb appeal.
    • Add visual elements to your garage doors: You can give your garage doors a new look by adding unique features such as barn door cross beams or horizontal beams.
    • Choose an appealing colour: A garage door’s colour will attract potential buyers. You have two options: you can choose to stick to an organic colour palette, such as vinyl white or natural wood, or you can paint your garage doors a bright and striking colour that will make them stand out from the rest of your neighbourhood. Bold colours should not be used in a way that is too different from your neighbours’ homes.
    • Get creative with your accessories. You can add trim, shrubbery, or lighting to your garage door in order to make it more appealing.
    • Enhance your exterior doors with Make your exterior doors look like your garage door to increase your home’s value. A similar exterior door to your garage will help make your home look more cohesive.

You can replace or upgrade your garage door to improve your home’s resale values or to make it more enjoyable for your family.

Garage doors

Maintaining a lower maintenance cost

Repairing an older garage door can be costly and time-consuming. To avoid mould buildup, your old wooden garage door needs to be maintained. Weather damage can cause dents or rust spots on steel and aluminium garage doors. Garage doors can be damaged by weather damage.

You will be able to repair and maintain your garage door less if you replace it. Modern garage doors are made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials that require less maintenance while still maintaining a classic appearance. To keep your garage door looking new, you can easily clean it and paint it.

Garage doors from the past were prone to paint chipping and required constant maintenance. Modern garage doors are durable and can be stained to maintain their sophisticated appearance.

You shouldn’t have to replace your garage door for many decades. While you should still perform routine maintenance, you will have less need to repair your garage door if you replace it now. A new garage door opener or automatic remote garage opener will be available.

You can prolong the life expectancy of your garage door by performing the following preventative maintenance steps every year.

    • Check the hardware. Tighten loose bolts. Also, check for wear on the lift cables and rollers.
    • Clean springs, chains and seals. Lubricate the spring, chain, and screws. If the material is damaged, replace the weather seal.
    • Check your garage door balance: Every year, disconnect the garage door setting to check your garage door’s balance. Then manually open and close your door. Also, make sure to check the functionality and safety of your auto-reverse function.
    • Repair or replace the weatherstripping. A draft can enter your home in winter if you don’t have weatherstripping. Consider resealing the weatherstripping if your garage door feels colder than the rest.
    • Clean your garage doors: It is possible to inspect your garage doors for stains, dents or cracks depending on the material. Regularly clean your garage door with a suitable cleaner.

For assistance with maintaining your garage door, contact your local garage door specialist. An expert can inspect, repair and install your garage door.

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Energy savings

A family of four opens and closes its garage door between three and five times per day. Garage doors can become less efficient over time due to wear and tear. A new garage door, complete with a garage door opener, will withstand daily use. You can be sure that your garage door will work properly with the latest technology.

An energy-efficient garage door will allow you to control the temperature in your home. You will have a lower energy bill because your home uses less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. To make your garage door more energy-efficient:

    • Check that your garage door is insulated. Garage doors with the modern design usually have insulation between the material. You can insulate your home by replacing your garage door with a more recent model if you require insulation.
    • Replace or add weatherstripping to your garage doors and windows. To increase your home’s energy efficiency, you can install weatherstripping

You can protect your home against drafts and extreme temperatures with weatherstripping or insulation. Replacing your garage door can dramatically reduce your energy bills.

You can save money by replacing your garage door in order to improve its energy efficiency. This will also reduce noise throughout your house. Your heating system will produce less noise if it has to work harder to regulate the temperature. Your garage door can be improved to provide consistent, comfortable temperatures for your family all year.

Garage door companies use more efficient materials. Garage doors are made from eco-friendly materials, which use fewer fossil fuels and provide insulation to protect your home.

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Safety and Security

Garage doors can lead directly into your home. Thieves have found new ways to get into your garage. They use a wire hanger to disable the garage’s automatic setting. They can also gain access to the rest of the house via the garage door if they manage to break into it.

A garage door replacement will increase security and safety. A sturdy new garage door will keep your family and possessions safe and secure all day and night. Your family will be protected from any accidental damage by a new garage door.

You can make your garage safer and more secure by replacing the garage door.

    • Security of your garage doors and windows. Thieves love to look through your garage window in an attempt to gain entry to your home. Privacy blinds can be installed to block their view.
    • Protect your automatic release cable: The red cord on your garage door disengages the auto-locking feature. Thieves could slip a wire hanger through your garage door’s top and view your window to pull out the emergency cord. This will allow them to open the garage door manually. To make it harder for an intruder to see the cord, you can place a piece or wood behind it.
    • Close your garage door: Leaving your garage doors open allows your neighbours to see your valuable possessions. To prevent intruders from entering your home even if you’re not there, keep your garage door shut.
    • With modern technology: You can program your garage to connect to your smartphone using new mobile-friendly technology. Every time your garage door opens, you will be notified on your smartphone.
    • Take your remote garage door opener out of your car. You may place your remote garage door opener on the dashboard or anywhere visible from your car. Thieves know that many people have their remote garage openers in their cars so they will try to get into your car and gain access to your garage. Your remote opener should be kept in a secure place.

Your garage will benefit from new safety features when you buy a new garage door. An automatic reverse system retracts the garage when the photo eye detects an animal, person or object in its path. The new garage door technicians will be safer if you inspect it regularly.

Your family will also be protected with new garage technology. In the past thieves could easily figure out your garage’s code and open your door. Garage door openers are now equipped with revolving codes, which generate new codes that intruders can’t retrieve.

Are there unsightly stains on your garage floor? Are you having trouble finding your tools or parking your car in your garage? The mild spring weather and cool breezes make spring a great season to clean out your garage and do some deep cleaning. It can seem daunting to clean out your garage, especially if it has been neglected for so long and you use it as a primary storage space. We have some tips to help you clean out your garage.

Materials Required for Garage Cleaning

Make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials ready before you begin cleaning. This will ensure that you don’t have to run to the store or search your home for supplies after you finish cleaning out your garage. These are the things you will need

  • Gloves
  • Face masks
  • Trash bags
  • A shop vacuum
  • Baking soda
  • Liquid soap
  • A scrub brush
  • Use a non-abrasive sponge.
  • A bucket
  • The step ladder
  • Storage Supplies
  • A cleaning checklist

Although a hose or power washer can make life easier, it is not necessary. You should not use your power washer on your garage doors. Even at low settings, a power washer can damage your garage door.

Garage storage solutions may be a good option if you have lots of clutter. Pegboards, cabinets and shelves are great storage options. However, they are easier to install if the garage is empty. If you intend to donate unwanted items, plastic bins and storage boxes could be a good option.

It is a good idea to make a list of spring cleaning items for your garage before you begin. A well-organized list will help you avoid missing a step or making it difficult to return to where you were when you stop. Remember to take breaks when necessary. Although cleaning your garage may take some time and effort, it will be well worth it. It’s a great way of staying motivated by crossing off items as you go!

How to clean your garage

You are now ready to spring clean your garage. To make the process easier, break down the garage organizing and cleaning into smaller steps. These garage cleaning tips and steps will help you get rid of clutter.

1. Declutter

Even if you have a well-organized garage, it can be a pain to stop and move things around while cleaning the floor or walls. You can set your stuff outside the garage in your yard or driveway. Consider putting your belongings on the ground with a tarp or making empty boxes. It will be easier to organize your belongings if you start outside of the garage after you have finished cleaning.

There may be items in your garage that are not suitable for storage. Some materials can be damaged by the conditions in a garage, which can lead to dangerous situations for others. Garages can cause electronics to become damaged and canned food to go bad. Pests such as rodents and insects can be attracted to paper and firewood. Propane or gasoline can pose a danger if they are not properly stored. These items should be disposed of or moved to another storage location.

2. Dust and vacuum

The next step in garage clean-up is to remove dust. Dusting can make your garage appear cleaner and reduce allergy symptoms. Start at the top of your garage and work your way downwards. This will save you the time of dusting the concrete floor several times. It’s also better to not dust an area of the wall, only to get the dust up and back on it.

Now it’s time for vacuuming. A shop vacuum is better than sweeping a garage floor. Garage dust is too fine to pick up with a broom or dustpan. This means that you will end up pushing it around instead of removing it. You don’t have to just vacuum the floor. To clean ceilings and walls, you can also use a shop vacuum. Use a microfiber cloth dampened with water to remove dust.

This can cause a lot of dust to build up in the air as you work. For a pleasant cleaning experience, wear a mask.

You can also dustproof your garage by taking additional steps. A concrete sealer can be applied to your garage floor to protect it from dust.

You can also prevent dust from getting into your garage by using a variety of methods. Clean any garden equipment or lawnmowers before you store them in your garage. You can prevent grass seed and fertilizer from getting lost in your garage by using sealed storage containers.

Checking the seals on your garage door is an important step in keeping dust out. You can let dust in from the outside no matter how careful and diligent you are to keep it out.

3. Make sure to clean the garage floor

You can clean the floor of any stains after you have cleaned the dust off the walls. Garage floors can be stained by oil or rust. The stains will give your garage floor a new look and can even slow down the floor’s wear. For garage floors that are not scratched, a nylon bristle brush can be used.

Different types of stains require different cleaning products. Use dish soap or laundry detergent to clean oil stains. Allow the soap to sit for at least 45 minutes before adding water. Oil stains can be stubborn so it may take several scrubbings to remove them. Between cleanings, let the soap sit for between 10 and 15 minutes.

To remove rust stains, you can use white vinegar. Allow the stain to soak for approximately ten minutes before you begin scrubbing. This process may be repeated several times. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of water and baking soda-based laundry soap. The solution must sit on the stain at least for an hour. It should also be kept wet.

Mixing half a cup of baking soda and a gallon of warm water can be used to clean your home. To remove light stains, you can add a few drops of liquid soap to the mixture. Make a paste with baking soda and some dish soap to clean the areas.

After you have finished cleaning your garage floor, spray it with a power washer or hose to get rid of any extra cleaning solution. You can also finish cleaning concrete floors by mopping it.

4. Clean Garage Door Windows and Garage Door Windows

How clean your garage door will prevent rust and prolong the life of its finish. You should be careful when cleaning your garage door. You don’t want your paint or windows to get scratched. These steps will help you preserve your garage door while cleaning:

  • Avoid solvent-based, ammoniated or abrasive cleaners.
  • Use a non-abrasive sponge with a clean cloth.
  • Do not use razor blades, squeegees, or any other sharp tool that could scratch your windows or damage the paint to scrape your doors or windows.
  • Avoid using a power washer to clean your garage doors and windows.

Mild dishwashing soap and a soft towel are simple but effective ways to clean garage door windows. 

Use either dishwashing soap, or car wash soap to clean your door. Use a sponge or nonabrasive towel to wipe the soapy water off your door. Your door should be cleaned from the top to the bottom. A step stool is likely to be needed for this task. You should clean the exterior and interior sides of the door.

You will need to wax steel doors. This can be done with the same liquid wax that you use for your car. You can also apply the resin to your garage doors and windows. Applying wax to your garage doors can help protect them from fading paint, hairline scratches, and minor abrasions.

After your garage door has been cleaned, inspect it for damage or wear. You can spot potential problems before they get worse by inspecting your garage door. You can seek professional Garage Door Maintenance and Repair Services if you notice something.

5. Organise the Garage

It’s now time to get your garage cleaned out. This is a great opportunity to assess what you actually need and to organize it properly, rather than dumping everything everywhere. You can keep your garage tidy by reducing the amount of stuff you keep.

You must first decide what you want to keep and how you plan to dispose of your unwanted items. You’ll want to dispose of items that are damaged or old. You might also be able to resell or donate other items. It’s best to prepare empty storage containers in advance if you intend on selling or donating unwanted items. You can create three to four different groups depending on what you intend to keep, toss or donate.

After you have decided what you want to get rid of, you need to decide how you are going to store it. You should not keep items such as firewood, propane, can food, wood furniture, photos, or paint in your garage. These items can be moved to another location if they were stored in your garage previously.

Pretoria Garage -garage doors Pretoria

There are many garage storage options available for the items you want to keep. There are many options for garage storage solutions, including shelves, wall hooks, and overhead storage racks. You will need to consider what you store and how big your garage is. A garage floor plan can help you see where your items will be and how much space is available.

Layouts should be kept off the ground as much as possible. Items that you use most often should be stored towards the front. To avoid bumping your lawnmowers with your car, store them in corners.

Open options are better than cabinets for garage shelving. Cabinets take up more space as there is less room to open the doors. By allowing clutter to be visible behind the doors, open shelves encourage you to keep the space clean. If you have children or pets, you might want to consider locking a cabinet that contains chemicals and tools they don’t want to touch.

Consider what type of storage containers you need after setting up your storage space using a variety of racks and shelves that meet your needs. Different storage containers work best for different items. For larger items, sealable plastic containers can be used. The tight seal keeps insects and dust out. These containers are easier to stack and more durable than cardboard boxes. Clear jars can be used to store small items such as nails and screws.

You may be wondering if a garage or a carport would work better for you if you own a few cars. It all depends on your lifestyle, location, and budget. Carports are outdoor structures that house your vehicle and provide protection from the weather. Carports are usually smaller and more cost-effective than garages. They also offer greater storage and security.

You have two valuable assets: your home and your vehicle. Therefore, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of garages and carports. Each of these storage options has its own advantages. Consider your preferences and needs to choose the best one.

A Garage has many benefits

Garages are usually larger than carports and more secure. You can also match your garage design to your home. Let’s look at some of the benefits that garages offer for your vehicle.

1. Get More Protection

A secure parking space is essential for cars that spend 95% of their lives parked. A fully enclosed and locked garage is better than a carport. A fully enclosed, locked garage protects your car from the elements better than a carport. Although you might think that an overhead cover provides enough protection from rain, snow, hail and lightning, vehicles can also be damaged by pollen, dust and extreme temperatures. If protecting your vehicle is your main concern, a garage is a better choice.

2. More convenience

Although it may seem small, the distance between your driveway to your front door can be quite significant. However, if you need to lug groceries around or load your car up for a long trip, it can feel like a long way. An attached garage can be a great way to make your life easier. Garages are more convenient than carports because they eliminate the need to travel between your car’s front door and your garage. This is where you can slip in inclement weather, or be robbed.

3. More Space

Garages are a better option than carports which can be open to thieves. They offer additional storage space for items that you don’t need or want in your home. Garages are used by many people to store lawnmowers and other maintenance equipment, as well as emergency supplies. A garage can also be used for additional living or work spaces such as a gym or woodshop. Garages have so much potential, and the extra space is definitely a plus in the debate about garages versus carports.

4. A Better Appearance

Garages can be a great option for homeowners who are concerned about curb appeal and overall appearance. Garages can be designed to match the colour and style of your home.

You can choose either a detached or freestanding garage if you feel a garage would overwhelm your home’s exterior. A detached garage can be placed at an angle or behind your home and offers the same storage space and protection as an attached garage. It also gives you greater control over your home’s appearance. A well-designed garage is a great solution for homeowners who don’t like the look of cars outside their homes.

Garage doors

Carport Benefits

Garages offer many benefits for homeowners. Carports might be more suitable for you, depending on your preferences, time and budget. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of storing your vehicle in a garage:

1. It’s easier to build

Garages are more expensive than carports. Although they can be as simple as a roof and a frame, even a complex carport with walls will not take more than days to put up . An enclosed carport is also an option for extra protection.

Carports are not living spaces, and they do not have windows, doors, air-conditioning, or electrical wiring. Carports are therefore not required to comply with building codes, and they can be made of smaller materials and sizes. Carports don’t always require a concrete slab or floor, which helps reduce construction costs and time. Carports can be made from dirt or grass.

2. Fewer things to clutter

Garages can become a place where you dump unwanted items and forget all about them. Sometimes, after a while, clutter builds up enough to make homeowners park their cars outside. Carports are small and economical, so you don’t have to clutter your garage.

3. Value Added

Many homeowners are curious about the value of carports over garages. A carport can be a great option if you are looking to sell your house and don’t own a garage. A carport is a convenient way to increase your home’s value and make your property more appealing to potential buyers.

You are thinking about turning a carport into a garage?

You can convert your carport to a garage if you already have one. The cost and time it takes to build a garage will depend on how big your carport is and the type of garage you want. These are some things to consider before you convert your carport to a garage.

  • Review local building codes and HOA rules: A garage is not always required to follow building codes. If you intend to add a garage door or install wiring for lights, you’ll need to notify your HOA and obtain a building permit. If you are unsure, it is important to follow the protocol and hire an experienced contractor. Violations of building codes can lead to more inspections, additional fines, and possibly the destruction of your new structure.
  • Check your existing structure. To be a good base for your garage, your carport must be strong and free from damage. Inspect the structure for termites, weather damage, and wobbling. You may need to replace or upgrade certain components of your carport.
  • Wall materials to consider: Garage walls are an important feature of your new space. So, think about what material would be best for you. There are many options for metal siding, concrete blocks, faux stone and brick. You can match your garage’s exterior as closely as you like when choosing an exterior finish. It is also important to consider the cost of insulation, window installations, and wiring for automatic doors and lighting.

Contact your garage door experts after you have made your decision.

Are you looking for a way to fix your garage door after it was pushed in? You’re in the right spot. There are many easy ways to get your garage door in tip-top condition.

We have the answer to your questions about how to fix a garage door that has been damaged by a car. We have simple steps that will show you how to fix a broken garage door.

Assess the damage

You might be thinking “I hit my garage with my car,” but the first thing you should do is take a deep breath, assess the damage, and then do some research. Once everyone is safe, you can inspect the damage to your garage doors.

Important tip: Just look and don’t touch. If you attempt to move or fix your garage door yourself, you could inflict injury on yourself or cause more damage. Even though your garage door looks good, you should not use your automatic garage opener. Or force your door open manually. This could cause permanent damage to your internal system.

Keep a detailed record by taking photos and notes of any damage. Call experts to assess the damage and make a record. A dent can be fixed for less than you might think.

While you wait for assistance, evaluate the damage to your vehicle. Also, you should take photos of any damage to your vehicle and avoid opening any doors it might have damaged. Consider the next steps that you may need to take for car insurance and repair.

What’s wrong with my door?

It is possible that you are curious as to what damage was done if you drove into your garage door. These are some common problems that garage professionals often fix:

  • The garage door is stuck open. This could happen if you have hit it while it was being opened, or if you attempted to open it after it had been closed. If you have valuables stored in your garage, a stuck garage can cause security problems. To fix the problem, it is best to contact a garage door specialist. Most companies have a team available to assist you at any hour of the day or night, even if it is after hours. You should not open your doors manually or automatically, as this could lead to more damage.
  • A garage door has fallen off its tracks: If your garage door is falling off its track, don’t touch it or do any other work until a professional arrives. A garage door that has fallen off its track could prove to be dangerous. It is best to wait for an expert to fix it safely.
  • Your garage door’s bottom is bent or crooked. Although it might seem simple, it can be much more difficult than you think to repair a garage door dent. It is possible to cause more damage if you try to fix it yourself. This could lead to the need for a new door. If the dent is more serious than a minor bump, you should call an expert.
  • The automatic opener isn’t working. If your garage door was damaged but otherwise looks normal, you can use the garage door opener as normal. You may need to call an expert if the automatic door opener doesn’t work. This could indicate that there is something wrong with your entire system. In this case, it would be a good idea to call an expert to have it fixed.

Is it necessary to replace a damaged garage door or can I leave it as is?

Your garage door might be safe to use depending on how damaged it is. You might also be able to undo a garage door depending on its size. You might not need to replace the garage door if it isn’t bent or damaged in a minor way. As long as the groove (joint), and tongue (joint are aligned correctly).

To prevent the panel from splitting completely, reinforce it with a strut. These instructions may seem confusing to you. An expert can help. To ensure your safety, it is best to contact a professional garage door technician in every situation. They can assess the damage and make repairs.

You might consider replacing your entire door if you notice that one or more panels are showing more severe dents. It is possible to replace each panel separately, but this would cost almost as much as buying a new one. You can replace your door if it is older than five years and has damage to more panels than one.

A garage door replacement is one of the best home improvements that offer high returns. A garage door is a great investment option if you are looking to make a big change in your home.

You might be considering whether to repair or replace your garage door if it has been damaged in the past. There is a time and place for all things, even repairs or replacements. To help you decide whether to repair it or get a new one, there are many factors to take into consideration.

This guide will help you decide whether replacement or repair is right for you.

How often should you replace a garage door?

A garage door that is well-maintained can last several decades. Simple ageing and wood decay are two of the reasons why a garage door replacement is a better choice than trying to repair it. You may notice the following signs that it’s time to replace your garage door:

1. It lacks child safety features

Older garage doors lack the safety features of modern garage doors. Newer garage doors have safety sensors that will stop the door from moving if it senses children, pets or other objects. This can prevent serious injury, and could also save you money on damages to your belongings. Although there are aftermarket options for older garage doors they are not the most economical.

2. The Door is old

Garage doors can sometimes outlive their days of beauty. A garage door can add curb appeal and value to any property. A newer garage door is more versatile than a traditional one. Garage doors today are more attractive and suitable for modern cars. Newer garage doors offer greater security than their predecessors. This makes the decision of whether to paint or replace the garage door a simple one.

3. Weather damage is possible

Garage doors can be damaged by wind, rain, snow, and the UV rays of the sun. It is time to replace your garage door if there are signs of severe weather damage, such as rusting, warping, or discolouration. Over time dirt, leaves, and other debris can get stuck in the tracks of your garage door, creating friction and leading to track alignment issues.

4. Energy costs are rising

A recent rise in utility bills could indicate that your garage door needs to be replaced. Garage doors can allow in lots of outside air because they are large. Even with insulation, a temperature difference between your garage and your home can have an expensive impact on your energy bills.

Modern garage doors are more energy efficient. A garage door replacement will save you money and increase the value of your home by using insulation and materials that are more efficient at reducing energy consumption.

5. The Wood is rotted

Garage doors made of wood can warp in damp environments. It is best to replace your garage door if it has developed signs of wood decay. Garage doors made from newer materials are more weather-resistant and durable than older wooden models.

wooden garage doors pretoria

How to Fix a Garage Door

In some cases, a garage door may not need to be replaced. You can save money by fixing minor issues. Here are some common issues with garage doors that can be fixed.

1. The garage door is sagging

The chances of your garage door sagging are high that it is not balanced. Balanced springs are used to raise garage doors off the ground. The lifting mechanism must work harder to raise or lower the door if it is not in balance. This wear can eventually lead to worn springs or sagging doors.

This issue can usually be fixed by an experienced technician.

2. It suddenly breaks down

It can be frustrating to have a garage door that doesn’t work, but it is possible to repair it. Sometimes it is as easy as changing the batteries on your remote. If that doesn’t seem to be the problem, it is worth calling a professional technician for a diagnosis. You can save time and have the problem fixed faster.

3. If your budget is tight, you might not be able to afford a replacement.

How much does it cost for a garage door to be fixed? Although repairs are much cheaper than replacing a garage door, the exact cost will vary depending on the type of garage door, its size, damage, and the company you work for. Repairing your garage door is an option if you have problems with it but can’t afford a new one. You can have your garage door repaired by a qualified technician.

Common Garage Door Problems that Can be Fixed

These are the most common problems garage doors may encounter that can be easily fixed.

  • One panel has been damaged. Damage to one panel should not be alarming. It is easy to replace damaged panels in garage doors that are composed of many panels. It is important to repair any damaged panels as soon as possible.
  • It is discoloured: This can easily be fixed if your garage door doesn’t show any other damage. It is easy to wash the door and remove any peeling paint. Your garage door will look new again by applying primer and then painting it in the desired colour.
  • One panel can be dented. It costs less to repair a garage door than it would cost to replace it. It is important to repair this damage as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your garage door system.

We can help you determine if your garage door should be replaced or repaired. Our team of professionals can inspect your garage door and help you make the right decision.